Aislinn McGrath

embracing the family over sixty years

“I think it’s brought the world a lot closer and it will continue to do that. Television at its best is magnificent”. (Steve Jobs)

Since the 1950’s, television has provided a platform showcasing the different aspects and dynamics of family life. It provides us with visual and narrative stories. Whether these stories are fact or fiction, television has the power to create an emotional bond with the viewer. These emotional bonds can resonate with the viewer to the extent that they want to be part of everything the character stands for. This project focuses on the evolution of ‘the family’ on television over a period of sixty years through the means of a printed magazine.

The piece aims to highlight the evolution of the family from a cultural and social perspective. The project also pays subtle attention to the ever changing role of the mother within the family. The visual aesthetic is inspired by the style and culture of specific eras mentioned throughout the narrative. The aim of these visuals is to support the narrative and create a transitional timeline over the sixty year period.

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