Seamus Quirke

downfall of the music industry

Until recently, the music industry provided musicians with one way to reach and connect with fans. Bands would sign to record labels then transfer ownership of copyright, relinquish exclusive artistic control and give up most of the revenue from the sales of their recordings, while record labels took most of the profits.

Recent technology has changed the old school music industry’s model over the artists and music. The gatekeepers are gone and so are the obstacles for the bands and the fans. Now the music industry has been flipped on its head, giving musicians more control over their music.

Internet access has made music more accessible with streaming and downloading which gives bands greater opportunity to get their music recognised. Due to the disposible attitude of downloaded, the preciousness of music and our appreciation for it has disappeared. The outcome of this project is to inform the reader about the truth behind the music industry and how positive is it for musicians to take control of their own music.

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