Robbie Gannon

here lies outliers

The movie trailer has never been of more importance than in todays impatient and time impoverished world. Online outlets and social media have turned the trailer into a film genre all of its own with filmmakers making a trailer in order to get funding for a full project.

Here Lies Outliers is a music documentary that tells the story of an album made by an Irish band called ‘outliers’. In 2009, the band burned their newly offered contract with a major record label at a gig and split up. In 2015, the album which has been made available online for the first time, is picked up by an Irish Times journalist who reviews the album. Edgy, uplifting and thought provoking, Here Lies Outliers tells the story of a band who chose to fall on their sword at the peak of their creative powers and whose resurrection brings a lost record to its rightful owners – the real music loving public.

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