Lorraine Breen

gender perceptions

Gender is a sociological and cultural term that describes stereotypical behaviours and roles that society expects of men and women. Females are typically seen as mothers, caregivers, they are expected to be more emotional and are expected to work in traditional feminine areas such as nursing and teaching. Males are seen as strong, are traditionally seen as breadwinners working in masculine areas such as construction an are expected to hide emotions. These expected gender roles are socially constructed right from the beginning of a child’s life and are restrictive; it affects social equality and can limit the ambition and confidence of both genders. Gender inequality and gender role stereotypes are present in all aspects of a child’s life from what they wear, to the toys they play with, right through to the education system.

With this in mind Gender Perceptions is a printed piece that challenges the stereotypes that we as a society force onto children. Through a collection of photographic portraits of children and their environment, this piece explores the hyper- gendered world children live in today.

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