Lorna O’Donnell

experiencing anxiety

Anxiety disorders are not something that many people understand or discuss, even though it affects a significant percentage of the population. Both male and female of all ages. Only recently, has it been acceptable to openly talk about mental health issues and bring them to the forefront of health discussions.

This project focuses on Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Panic Disorder (PD), to show two different sides of anxiety. GAD is a 24 hour disorder, with small peaks and lows, whereas PD has a quick, sudden onset that builds beyond anxiety and peaks at extreme panic.The project is to both help people understand what is happening when experiencing anxiety and hopes to inform others who don’t necessarily know about anxiety. The idea is to create a simulation that puts the viewer into the shoes of someone who has GAD or PD. It is a way for people to experience both the mental and physical aspects of these disorders.

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