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John O Brien

living in knock and limerick

Living between Limerick and Knock has been quite an experience. On the one hand my hometown Knock is, by winter, a quiet and peaceful place. In the summertime, Knock transforms into a major tourist destination attracting more than one million tourists. Still, even with all these extra people around, Knock is still a serene place, it is very safe. On the flip side this means that life in Knock is very quite and can easily get boring and monotonous.

Limerick, meanwhile, is quite a different place to have lived in. One thing it is not is quiet. Limerick has a reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in Europe. In terms of safety, a car should never be left unlocked, and if a house is to be left unlocked then it can expect to be gutted of its content. Still, because of this constant activity it means that Limerick is never dull; there is always something for people to talk about or a place for people to go/avoid.

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