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Elaine Maher

strange encounters

My city project was based on encounters I have had with strangers in the city, specifically San Francisco. When I was researching this project, one thing that stood out for me was the people I had met while the city. There was always certain characters that left an impression and these characters would remind me of a time or a place. I found I was remembering places more clearly from the people I had met, as opposed to the actual place itself. This book is a series of stories from my time in San Francisco. Although the characters are specific to San Francisco they are also characters you would find in any city which makes them relateable to your own experiences.

From the homeless man to the ‘hippy’ activist, people have had experience with similar personalities so they can relate to the oddness of the situations. My aim was to record a part of the city that stood out to me and I wanted to do this using primarily illustration. I developed a series of characters to represent the people in the stories. Each page of the book was assembled on a sheet of cardboard and photographed. This added more texture and depth to the images.

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