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Ian Walsh

the real and the fake

“I don’t know just when we lost our sense of reality or our interest in it, but at some point it was decided that reality was not the only option, that it was possible, permissible and even desirable to improve upon it.”

Seventy-Nine Short Essays collects an assortment of rants and thoughts on the culture of graphic design trough the eyes of the well respected designer and design critic Michael Bierut. One essay ,The Real and the Fake, examines how the city has lost it’s sense of reality and is being built around the expectations of others rather than for functionality. Bierut uses the example of New York but this theory is applicable to any city, from Paris to Dublin.

The series of posters use a collage of well known buildings from Limerick City to in body the hyper-reality discussed in the essay. The six pieces are designed around my own expectations of what I believe the city to be or imagined it to be, drawing inspiration from the fictional Gotham City to the “non-fictional” New York city.

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