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Glen O Sullivan

the city

The people who inhabit a city and its suburbs, have a huge influence in shaping the future of that city. Due to the amount of litter in Limerick, the city has recently been dubbed ‘Ireland’s Litter Blackspot’. Litter has always annoyed me; not the fact that it exists (that is unavoidable) but the fact that so many people do not bother to take those extra few minutes to put it where it belongs. Littering is a criminal offence. For this project, I documented and recorded how we behave when we think litter is of value to us, and more importantly, when we realise it is not. We never pick up a crisp packet off the street but we would be very quick to pick up money.

I created a magazine informing people of the impact litter has on a city. A city mirrors its people and its people mirror their city. In today’s society, when the majority of the public are so conscious of their appearance, why are they not as conscious about the appearance of their city. Placing litter in the correct place makes a huge difference to the value of our city, and more importantly, it shapes the future of our city.

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