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There is no doubt that Michael Jordan hit superstardom when the Nike Air Jordan 1 released in 1984. This in fact ‘changed the game’ as it was the first time putting an athletes name to a brand really started to cause mayhem. His attitude, persona & fearlessness on the court had everyone in admiration of how he played the game. Nike and Jordan wanted to promote the shoes as a luxury item, although essentially there sole purpose initially was to wear playing basketball. As a role model, Jordan should not be taking advantage of the millions of people that admire and aspire to him. Jordan is an icon, his career should be celebrated, although his and Nike’s indecency on how they market towards people is damaging his legacy.

This is an editorial piece that visualises the marketing & manipulation of the Jordan brand. This visual represents the clustered market that the brand promotes. The brand is oversaturating the sneaker culture and the word ‘retro’ in this case stands for repetition. It is to respect what Michael Jordan has accomplished in his career, although it comments on his and Nikes manipulative marketing scheme & extortionate prices.

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