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Germ theory, Heliocentrism, Darwin’s theory of evolution, all these theories were once decried as HERESY. An opinion profoundly at odds with what was generally accepted. But these theories are now accepted an used to explain how the world (currently) operates. Throughout history scientists abstract theorems have tried to decode the world around us. This attempt at understanding the world has always been met with a fierce resistance from piers, the establishment and also an inner resistance from the minds of those who envisioned them. These ideas paved the way for our current model of the nature of reality but are now constantly being challenged by new “Heretical concepts” at a rate faster then ever before. 90% of all the scientists who have ever lived are alive today and while most of them research well established fields bolstering the current model of reality, many actively seek to defy convention in search of a new understanding of the very laws that govern reality.

HERESY will be a book of interrelated things. It is a summary of modern ideas, and insights that could change our current understanding of the fabric of reality in the 21st century. It’s an image-led, visually bold project, structured according to the central principles of the theories it tries to communicate. HERESY is not a prescription or a prediction; it is a medium where ideas are shared. You do not have to be a great painter to enjoy a surrealist painting or a talented musician to enjoy a rock Ballad. Meanwhile elegant and beautiful universal theories often go unnoticed as they are complex and difficult to understand. HERESY tries to synthesis these ideas into conceptually accessible content.

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