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For my final year project I designed a book to show the richness of slang in Ireland. Ireland is known to linguists as having a great variance in slang from area to area, despite Ireland’s relatively small population of just over four million. It’s often remarked that the best English in the world is spoken by the Irish, but that is patently untrue. The language spoken by the Irish is barely comprehensible to English speakers from other parts of the world. So full of colloquialisms obscurities is our version of the language that an outsider would probably need a degree in linguistics before they would understand what the hell we’re trying to say.

Slang is informal, nonstandard words and phrases, generally shorter lived than the expressions of ordinary colloquial speech, and typically formed by creative, often witty juxtapositions of words or images. By bringing together the different slang terms, I have designed this book and also using my skills in photography, typography and layout, I have portrayed that Irish slang culture is rich in its diversity. The overall design of the book is fun and colourful.
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