Unthink / Guest Lecturer

Unthink is a Dublin-based creative design studio with a passion for creative design. Since 2006, we’ve been creating innovative, fresh and unique print and digital products, as well as complete branding systems for a wide range of national and international clients. As an agency, we are inquisitive, open minded, and approach every new project with a sense of fun. Unthink is Noelle Cooper, Colin Farmer and Philip Farmer.

Unthink visited the here in November 2011 to talk about their work and ran a lettering workshop, the results of which can be seen here: http://lsabcd.com/

We asked Unthink what inspires them:
We care about typography, materials and thoughtful design. We are inspired by the process of learning that comes with each new project and the people we meet along the way. We enjoy developing strong working relationships where everyone (including clients and printers) collaborate towards a common goal.

for more info

Web_ www.unthink.ie
Email_ info(at)unthink.ie
Phone_ +353 1 670 8631

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