Save The Oceans

Save the Oceans is an international student poster design project set up by the Green Bauhaus Foundation to raise global awareness of plastic waste in oceans and on land.

Humankind is confronted with enormous challenges to stop plastic waste pollution. The intention of the project is to spread the word about this dramatic situation and the urgency for action. Pollution of the oceans is another time bomb humanity is facing.

We tend to think of commodities as the goods we purchase and the objects that surround us. As designers, our concerns are primarily about protection of content and product communication, which is true, but it’s also about much more. Challenges of sustainable development are a question of design. What will our children and grandchildren say in thirty years time when the amount of plastic waste in the oceans will exceed the amount of fish? Oceans and land are transforming under giant plastic waste and are being pulverised under different conditions. Only after many years will they decompose into their material components, and even then they still have toxic effects. The problem is completely underestimated. Plastic pollution is also a symptom of our mismanagement of resources. How can we stem the onslaught of rapidly growing land and sea-based plastic waste? Is the current mantras around plastic effective: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover, Landfill, Up-and Down-Cycling? How can we rethink the future of plastics?

Year 4 students were asked to design a poster to raise awareness of the issue. The solution could illustrate global, national, regional or local aspects and needed to have a broad visual appeal.

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